Out with the Old! 4 Living Room Style Ideas to Revamp Your Home

The home decor market is expected to reach $664 billion by the year 2020. Clearly, many people are investing in redecorating their homes, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re happy in your space, everything seems to work out better.

Your living room, in many ways, is the centerpiece of your home. That’s why it’s especially important to redecorate it if you’re getting a bad case of the “blah’s.” Luckily, there are a few key tips that can help you do it easily and successfully.

Read on for our top 4 living room style ideas.

Follow a Specific Color Palette

If you’re tired of the same ho-hum beige tones or having a hodgepodge of colors that just don’t go together, go for something more coordinated. One of our top living room style ideas is to pick a color palette and work from there.

Typically, a color palette will have one dominant hue with two or three accent colors. If you’re a visual person, head to your local hardware stores and grab some paint sample sheets to help you choose. Then, bring those colors with you while you’re shopping for new pieces in your living room.

Find Living Room Style Ideas That Suit Your Style

One of the most important things to remember when browsing living room style ideas is this: choose a style that speaks personally to you. In other words, while a calming palette of seafoam greens and light blues may work well for a living area, it might seem out of place if it isn’t “you.” What’s more, you’ll probably end up wanting to change it again before you know it.

If you’re not sure of the decorative style that speaks to your personal tastes, do some research. Check out examples online or pick up some magazines to leaf through. If it helps, cut out pictures and create a vision board to help you have a visual example of the living room style ideas that interest you the most.

Choose a Focal Point

Having trouble working with general living room style ideas? If you’re not one for coordinating colors and patterns, just choose a focal piece and work backward from there.

For example, if you have a gorgeous antique grandfather clock, seek inspiration from there to find tones and patterns that accent it well. Or, if you have a piece of art that you absolutely love, pull colors from there and use it to pick out accent pillows, rugs, and more.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Before you start taking any of these living room style ideas into action, decluttering is an important step. In fact, you can completely transform a space just by getting rid of the unsightly or out-of-date items that just don’t have a place anymore.

By clearing up some space, your living room will immediately seem larger, airier, and less chaotic. Then, you’ll be free to buy a few key pieces, such as some new artwork or accent pillows. All it takes moving certain items or pieces to another room or tossing them all together.

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Get Decorating!

If you’re sick of the same old look in your living room, you can revamp it without doing a complete overhaul. Now that you’ve got some living room style ideas to get you started, it’s a great time to get decorating!

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